RIMEMO takes you on an educational journey through the 12 stages of the paper and cardboard supply chain. The game is made from 100% recycled paper material. Cartiere di Trevi, materieunite and Printaly.com collaborate to create an experience that mixes fun, learning and environmental awareness!
The illustrated project aims to visually translate the transformation processes of the supply chain through the personification of objects or machines and analogies. Components of machines in action, characterized by faces and expressions, move within the circular space of the tile, drawing different compositions and full/empty ratios. The figures are defined by a geometric outline, softened by a watercolor coloring based on a trichrome palette.
1. Separated waste collection
1. Separated waste collection ( Discarded version)
2. Unloading paper
3. Pulper
4. Collection of waste and impurities
5. Genesis of the fiber on humid frame
6. Drying on hot rollers
7. Pope - Rolling on steel core
8. Rewinder on a reel
9. Packing
10. Cutting reels into sheets
11. Logistics, transport, distribution
12. Final Use (at Home)
Card backside
Project by
materieunite srl
Cartiere di Trevi
Printed by
Printaly srl
Illustration & logo
Francesco Fidani (Idea&draft)
Sofia Figliè (watercolor)
Graphic Design
Aureliano Capri
Ornella Susca

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