A board game designed for “Comuni non Comuni - The Big Game” show.
It is a game-show that took place in some small mountain villages on the border between Italy and Slovenia, involving the locals in the game.

The project is part of Microfestival, created by ZeroIdee.

It is a team path-game in which participants are brought to face unexpected events and challenges to reach the goal and the final prize.
Many of these challenges are quizzes, physical or musical proofs that measure players knowledge about the area where they live.

The board game is entirely made of wood and red and black paper cutouts sticked with vinyl glue.
The route is made up of 49 boxes placed side by side:
x43 rectangular tablets 20x30 mm
x5 curved pieces for the corners
x1 final box 40x60 mm

The game boxes can be of 3 types, each distinct from the other for the following features.
Challenge: indicated by a 3d character and name of the challenge  signed with a lettering
Unexpected: reported by an hand sign and the description on what to do in Cocogoose typeface
Transition: where nothing happens, and are signaled by a pattern.

The show took place in:
Prato Carnico - 24.1.2020
Cave del Predil/Rabelj - 26.1.2020
Šempas - 6.2.2020
Dordolla - 9.2.2020

Directed by: Andrea Collavino / Project manager: Matteo Carli / Show presented by: Natalie Norma Fella, Gilberto Innocenti, with: Sandro Pivotti, Giovanni Chiarot / Live drawing by: Caterina Di Paolo / Music played by: Giorgio Parisi, Paolo Paron, Francesca Stella Riva

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